Education Credit Union – Free Financial Education Classes

Education Credit Union – Free Financial Education Classes

Education Credit Union – Free Financial Education Classes
Education Credit Union – Free Financial Education Classes

Fortunately, you can get a loan through an education credit union if you are new to teaching. The new teacher loan is specifically designed for those who are just beginning their careers. It can be challenging to meet financial obligations since paychecks aren’t available for six weeks after you start teaching. Therefore, ECU developed a credit-score-free loan product to help new teachers meet their needs while waiting for their first paycheck.

86-year-old credit union

As an 86-year-old credit union, Education Credit Union excels in its mission to protect and serve members in the communities it serves. The credit union is proud to serve its members in Canyon, Amarillo, Bushland, and other nearby areas. It also offers a unique investment platform called CNote, which empowers women and individuals to invest locally. For more information, visit their website.

86-year-old mission

For over 86 years, Education Credit Union has stood out in the Central Texas region by providing superior service, care, and financial protection to its members. Today, ECU has locations in Canyon, Bushland, and Amarillo. The mission of the credit union is to serve its members in a variety of ways, including through its investment platform, CNote. The goal of CNote is to empower women, institutions, and individuals to invest in local, sustainable, and socially responsible businesses.

After extending its membership to include those employed at several area schools and community institutions, Education Credit Union has expanded its service area. In 1989, the credit union added the High Plains Dermatology Center and the Panhandle Alcoholic Recovery Center to its membership field. In 2001, it changed its name to The Education Credit Union, better reflecting its field of membership. As a result, the credit union has expanded its field of membership to include all employees and current students of higher learning in Potter, Randall, Armstrong, Carson, Donley, and Oldham counties. The credit union also serves the blood relatives of students and employees of these institutions.

Free financial education classes

There are many benefits of attending free financial education classes at your local educational institution. Not only can you receive personalized financial counseling, but you can also get unlimited free or low-cost educational resources. You can learn about budgeting, goal-setting, credit repair, asset-building, and banking best practices. Free financial education classes at an education credit union can help you understand these important concepts and improve your financial life. But before you attend a free financial education class, you should know that it’s important to be financially informed.

MoneyEdu allows credit unions to extend their in-person financial education classes online. With its interactive financial education tools, it’s easy to implement a financial literacy program that’s convenient and interactive for your community. It also allows credit unions to track course registrations and usage. And when your classes are over, you can simply turn off access codes. You’ll find all the financial education resources you need right at your fingertips.

Financial education is critical for every stage of life. Whether you’re just starting out or are ready to buy your first home, continuous financial education is essential for every phase of your life. Bethpage’s community development team visits local nonprofit organizations, employee assistance programs, and business partners to offer free financial literacy workshops. In 2017 alone, the team conducted 92 free financial literacy seminars and workshops. The classes will help you become a better financial manager in the future.

Federally insured

If you want to avoid unnecessary fees and have better rates, consider opening an account with a credit union. They have many benefits and lower fees, including federally insured accounts. Not only are these accounts safe, but they are also regulated by the National Credit Union Administration. Education Credit Union is a member-owned, nonprofit organization headquartered in Amarillo, TX. In addition to its many great benefits, you’ll also have access to online banking.

As an independent agency of the federal government, the National Credit Union Administration oversees the nation’s federally insured credit unions. The NCUA’s federal share insurance fund insures your money up to $250,000, much like the FDIC protects your deposits with banks. And because federal credit unions are federally insured, they don’t have to worry about losing your money. Even if they fail, you’ll be safe.


CTCU is a member-owned and operated financial institution, serving the needs of the educational community. It has shared branches across the U.S. and serves over 7,300 members. This credit union offers checking and savings accounts, as well as online and mobile banking. If you are interested in opening an account, contact CTCU for details. You can also find contact information for the credit union on its website. Members may refer CTCU to other people they know.

Among the advantages of joining a member-owned education, credit union is its emphasis on financial education and community engagement. Many credit unions adopt employee volunteer programs that encourage staff to participate in community events and volunteer with nonprofits. These volunteer efforts showcase the credit union’s mission and values. In addition, a credit union may partner with nonprofits to provide educational resources or help small businesses. Educators can learn more about member-owned educational credit unions by visiting the Cooperative Foundation’s website.

A credit union is a member-owned financial institution with elected volunteer Boards. Its primary objective is to promote thrift and economic efficiency among its members. Serv-U offers a variety of services to its members, such as checking accounts for children under 18, single and joint ownership of savings accounts, payroll deduction, direct deposit, and more. These benefits are just a few of the benefits of membership with a member-owned education credit union.

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